Vana and Dimitta Bafaloukou, are two souls that once chose one another.They couldn’t really connect otherwise, but only by being related as sisters and also by a sixth sense that is being expressed within their art.

Born in Athens, but with roots on the island Of Andros and inheritance an origin from the lost Homelands (Constantinople) began their painting by very young.The studies followed senior high school, with a special beginning in Vacalo College (Art and Design) in which they have been studying graphic design, decoration, photography and architectural design.Vana also graduated as fashion designer, with a short passing from the field.

Their inspiration and professionalism have been joined by their own paths.They have collabo rated with one of the largest manufacturers of flags in Greece, in the design section and their love for every little thing called greek, made them be intrested in pottery painting,(for fifteen years) especially in ancient copy of classical period and Corinthian one.

Their first exhibition took place in Filothei borough and was only the beginning.Various events followed .With Unesco (personal and team exhibitions) the Municipal Picture Gallery of Piraeus(personal), in Artcafe places ,but also in the «Modern house» exhibition ,aiming at the commercial disposal of a part of their art collection.

In the summer period, they often transfer their Exhibition activity to the greek islands mostly, and from time to time, selected stores have hosted special items with under the signature «Artflou». Leros (the island of Artemis godess -in ancient Greek mythology-) among the islands, has become their favorite destination, but also a very unique inspiration for the writing of poems, many of which are humoristic and satirical. Places of human contact, mental rest and relaxation are many times the hosts for a reading of their poem collections (especially in the winter period).

Growing up in Piraiki district of the beautiful port of Piraeus, made them choose to also keep there, their fourteen year work shop.A personal space with all their work of art long before the technology came into their artistic life…